Improving Outcomes & KPIs with a Journey Approach



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Journey Approach

A variety of content exploring how to improve KPIs and outcomes via a journey approach

The concept of transformation has been center stage for businesses around the world for some time now.


In this podcast, I share how business leaders can overcome the transformation-blocking nature of silos to improve customer and employee experiences and the bottom line.

CMSWire Webinar: How to Create Exceptional Customer Experiences and Optimize Outcomes

A key to organizational success today is to resolve the conflict between silos and customer journeys that traverse through silos.


In this webinar you’ll learn:


    1. How to develop a channel strategy that actually works for customers, employees and the bottom line
    2. How to incorporate emerging technologies
    3. How to compete and win in the journey economy


Demo video and full-length keynotes

Hank Brigman speaking demo video demonstrating passion, expertise and the ability to entertain and motivate.

3 minutes.

A no PPT virtual keynote for a CX conference in South Africa.


Utilizing whiteboard/explainer animation to make this 57 minute virtual keynote more engaging, I cover the two lessons from the history of Customer Experience Management to carry forward:


  1. The current CX big thing and how it can serve as an accelerant.
  2. My estimated CX organizational change in the future

Case Studies +

Demonstrating the power of a journey approach to improve KPIs and outcomes

See how the simple first step of a journey approach shifted internal focus from siloed tasks to the purpose of customer journeys.

The change in employee hearts, minds and actions as a result of this simple step helped this insurance company improve KPIs and achieve the #1 position in a prominent CX index.

See how shifting internal focus from silos to the purpose of customer journeys helped a global software company improve revenue in the billions (USD)