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Hank Brigman

Hank Brigman





About Me, My Work And How I Can Help You

I am an experienced consultant working globally with select clients to help them compete and win in this journey economy. My journey approach is geared to achieve quantifiable improvements/transformations for customers, employees and the bottom line.


I develop custom customer experience (CX) strategies and/or plans.


I also speak and coach/mentor relating to improving performance and outcomes via customer experience management and a journey approach.

A Background That Prepared Me…

After playing golf professionally I managed what I believe the toughest customer experience business – fine private clubs. After paying an initiation fee, monthly dues, and for the club’s products/services, expectations of private club members are sky high.


It was in this demanding private club environment I first started to develop methodologies to make each and every customer journey easy and pleasant.


In 2002 I co-founded a CX research consultancy that I led through to private equity acquisition. I continued to evolve my methodologies as I found myself on the front edge of what would become a huge wave to use mapping to tactically improve customer experiences and organizational results.

Over the next few years:

I co-invented an experience/journey mapping methodology that contributes to today’s mapping methodologies.


Shortly after, I was the person that added and first defined the word “touchpoint” on Wikipedia.


Later recognizing the need to financially quantify the benefits of customer experience work for C-level executives/board, I developed an original formula for correlating Net Promotor Score (NPS) to revenue.


At is point there were many books on why focusing on customer experience was important with little on how to actually improve customer experiences. To fill that gap, I wrote the international customer service best seller, “TOUCHPOiNT POWER! Get & Keep More Customers Touchpoint by Touchpoint.”


I have had the honor of giving customer experience focused keynote addresses for conferences on five continents.


My work leading CX efforts both in-house and as a consultant has positively impacted companies in the billions (USD).


While we have evolved customer experience management efforts through the years from tactics to strategy, it is now imperative that need to evolve to address structure!


I am confident that I again find myself on front edge of an early wave that advances our ability to improve experiences, efficiencies and organizational results. The wave – addressing the structural inefficiencies created by the conflict between silos and customer journeys – is taking a journey approach.

From a Client

It is without reservation that I would recommend Hank Brigman to any organization seeking to improve customer experiences – whether to address a tactical problem, or to make a strategic or cultural shift.


The greatest benefits we are realizing as a result of Hank’s work is our increased ability to:

Lars J | VP Customer Experience

Why a Journey Approach?

More than two-thirds of companies now compete primarily on the basis of customer experience

Gartner Customer Experience in Marketing Survey 2017

Applying a journey approach improves customer-centricity and KPIs
My work is all about helping your organization benefit from shifting internal focus from tasks within silos to helping your customers accomplish the purpose of their various journeys.


“To Your Customers, You Are the Success of Their Journeys.”

Hank Brigman


The Problem

Silos. Yes, the problem your employees have been complaining about forever.


The vertical focus of silos is inherent in our org structures. Siloes often have their own leaders, budgets, teams, tasks, tools, metrics, etc. It is no wonder that their focus is on the tasks THEY do. Silos can be departments, teams, responsibilities, channels and even individuals.


The Conflict

A challenge is that this vertical focus of silos on their tasks and metrics conflicts with customer journeys that typically traverse horizontally into, through and out of silos.


The Inefficiencies

This conflict results in inefficiencies that hurt the experiences of both customers and employees, and as a result, the bottom line.


Finally, there is a solution to the problem of the inefficiency of silos and their conflict with customer journeys.

Why Me?

My Solution’s Framework

My journey approach framework provides a structure to address the silo/journey conflict and realize true transformation – a transformation that improves outcomes and KPIs by shifting internal focus and adding journey accountability.

Bottom Line

My journey approach will help your organization address the silo/journey conflict, improving efficiencies and experiences and outcomes for customers, employees and the organization.


My overarching purpose is to deliver my part in helping you compete and win in this new journey economy.


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Speaking And Coaching Services

Content and style to challenge, inspire and guide action that improves outcomes for customers, employees and the bottom line.


Customized Keynotes

Thought-provoking and actionable content tied specifically to event theme and goals. Entertaining and highly-rated keynotes have delivered value to conferences and their attendees on five continents.

Practical Webinar Programs

Custom content geared to deliver value for the audience and to advance your and/or your sponsor’s objectives.

Content and style to inspire, guide and challenge

Engaging Podcast Guest

Experienced podcast guest to support the podcast’s theme and audience interests.

Productive Coaching

Helping CX professionals strategize, plan, execute and measure while avoiding hard to see pitfalls.


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An experienced presenter for keynotes, programs, podcasts and webinars, I have been called “dynamic and engaging.”


I tailor content to meet event and audience needs with a focus on how to improve outcomes for customers, employees and the bottom line.

Speaking, Workshops, Webinars, Podcast Guest

I will challenge and inspire with mission-critical topics and actionable solutions that can include:

“Hank Brigman is a dynamic and engaging speaker. He is a pleasure to work with and the evaluations of his program were outstanding.”

Robert F | Chair, Legal Marketing Association

“The most valuable program on service excellence I have attended over my 15 years in the industry.”

N. Keong | Head, Customer Management Center for Innovation and Enterprise

“Hank did an excellent job of clearly explaining the concepts as well as making them applicable to all. Feedback from the attendees on evaluation surveys was positive with such comments as “great speaker” repeated frequently.”

Heather S | Chair, American Marketing Association

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Ask a question or schedule a chat to discuss how I can help your event’s success.


I offer three different workshops to produce needed and valuable output.


Journey Approach 1st Step Workshop

My Journey Approach 1st Step Workshop builds the foundational knowledge and structure for renaming service journeys and measuring their efficacy.


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Reduce Channel Shift Workshop

Completing my Reduce Channel Shift Workshop provides a matrix that serves as your guide to channel / digital roadmaps and customer communications needed to avoid unnecessary and costly channel shift.


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CX Strategy Workshop

My CX Strategy Workshop provides the answers to the critical questions needed for a compelling strategy.


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I also offer services covering foundational CX needs in addition to speaking and coaching services.

Productive Coaching/Mentoring

My coaching/mentoring program starts with us working together to produce a “charter” for our work together. I have been told that working through the charter helps clarify goals and objectives not only for our work, but for your work as well. And isn’t that a goal – that you are more productive in defining and achieving relevant goals?


Additionally, one of my roles is to help you see and avoid threats that may exist practically and politically. Having worked both in-house and as a consultant in CX for over 20 years, my experience has proven invaluable in helping those I work with to stay on track and avoid pitfalls.